Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park In Lowestoft, Suffolk have released a press release after a recent paranormal investigation carried out on the site.
Last Week Pleasurewood Hills released a press release regarding The Hobs Pit, Dubbed the 'one of the scariest rides in the UK',  where something might be something more laying in the abandoned mine. 
Recently the park has enlisted the help of the Paranormal Research Society of Lowestoft after they became interested in the mysterious sounds coming from the recorded audio from the borehole camera. 

Its Coming, Will You #ESCAPE
In the press release from the park it was stated "The Paranormal Research Society will begin investigations on the site of the new Hobs Pit ride by conducting base line tests using Electromagnetic Field Detectors and other ground tests such as temperature and humidity. The Paranormal team will then return after dark with their night vision cameras between 8pm and 4am in the morning to collect as much evidence of the paranormal as possible"
The Abandoned Hobs Pit Mine
Steven Collier, Founder of the paranormal investigation team said;
“this is just speculation at this point but given the location of Pleasurewood Hills there is a large chance that this could be linked to historic activity of the legendary Suffolk witches who were said to have Devils Pits around this area”. He added “Only further investigation will rule out or confirm this”.

The new ride in the Suffolk park has been developed in partnership with a world renowned special effects expert and a voice actor who usually works on projects in the USA with theme parks such as Universal Studios. 
The attraction which opens to the public on May 25th will be housed within the building of the former Fairytale Fantasy attraction and will extend into the neighbouring area which was previously used as the Main Street shop. 
The Hobs Pit is expected to feature a ride element which is likely to be of similar layout and style that was used for the Fairytale Fantasy ride. Also, the park has announced that during the Halloween event, the attraction will feature live actors increasing the fear factor. 


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