Promising to be ‘better and bolder than ever before', The York Dungeons reopens its doors to bring fear in to people of York once again.
After the York Dungeons were riddled with flood water over six months ago, the York attraction has had a £2 Million refurbishment and reopened on Friday 29th March.

Back in September two thirds of the attraction was underwater which included the Torture Chamber, Vikings exhibition and Dick Turpin exhibition.

General manager Helen Douglas said the following 'We are taking things up a level. There will be more authentic theatrical sets and new scripts to provide guests with a dramatic and unique experience'.

The York Dungeon will shortly also be announcing a full calendar of events and activities including “Summer of Stink”, Halloween events as well as birthday party packages, private events and corporate receptions.

Excited visitors should get on-line at to pre-book tickets and take advantage of a special offer, saving over £6 per person.

The York Dungeons On Friday 29th March  © York Dungeons/Merlin Entertainments
The York Dungeon On Opening Day
8/4/2013 04:46:52 am

After visiting. The york dungeon after being told by staff it had changed myself and partner were disappointed to FIND nothing had CHANGED. And we had wasted our money


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