A park wide power cut hits Alton Towers theme park in Staffordshire causing rides to halt operation
All Rides ground to a halt this morning as a park wide power cut occurred at Alton Towers. This morning at 11:15am the park suffered a blackout that affected the local villages. Most attractions were operational within 15minutes after the blackout with all rides back in operation by 3pm.

A spokesperson from the Alton Towers Resort said to This Is Staffordshire "The power cut happened at approximately 11.15am stopping rides across the resort for approximately 15 minutes. These rides stopped, as they are designed to do, during their normal running cycle, and our standard evacuation procedures were implemented where necessary"

Queues forming outside Guest Services After the power cut ┬ęTowersstreet
Alton Towers extended there ride closing time to 5:30pm to guests to compensate for the closure off attractions and the resort is offering guests revalidation of there tickets for today for another day this year.

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